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The modern period

Marching Through Time:
The Citadel 1842-2006

Building New Traditions: The Citadel in Post-World War II America

Alex Macaulay ’94
Assistant Professor of History
Western Carolina University

Andrew Macaulay will examine numerous developments that have shaped the modern day Citadel, from controversies surrounding the fourth class system to racial integration to the enrollment of female cadets. These changes sparked heated, important, and very public debates concerning their impact on The Citadel’s traditions.

Today, new traditions emerge and the ghosts of old traditions linger. A look back then at the not too distant past might offer both a clearer view of The Citadel’s present as well as some direction for its future.

Alex Macaulay, a member of The Citadel Class of 1994, is an assistant professor of history at Western Carolina University. He is the author of “Black, White and Gray: The Desegregation of The Citadel” and of a forthcoming book, Marching in Step: The Citadel and Post World War II America.

» The modern period
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